February 11, 2005

Individual Action

There are many ways to support the children in this film and work for their liberation. Child labor is the result of the failure of many systems, whether they are political, economic, cultural or religious in nature. Each system can be impacted by concerned citizens and consumers. Just a few of the many ways are listed here.

Learn more about organizations working to combat child labor. Pick one, and support their work:

International Labor Rights Fund
International Labour Organization
Child Labor Coalition
Child Rights Information Network
International Initiative to End Child Labor

Learn more about organizations featured in the film.

Casa Alianza
African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect
Undugu Society of Kenya
Bachpan Bachao Andolan - South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude (SACCS)
Global March
Solidarity Center

Learn more about child labor in the agricultural sector in the United States:

Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs
Fields of Hope

As a consumer, you have power to effect change. Learn more about where products come from and how they are produced.


Fair Labor Association
Co-op America
Co-op America's Ending Sweatshops Program
Global Exchange
Clean Clothes Campaign
Responsible Shopper
The Crafts Center at CHF International
National Consumers League

Buy organic vegetables and tobacco.
Buy certified fair-trade, organic coffee (look for the label on the pack)


Fair Trade Federation
Dean's Beans
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Buy only "Certified Child Labor Free" labeled rugs.



Get kids involved.


Scholastic News on Child Labor
Broadmeadow Middle School Campaign (Kids Campaign Against Child Labor)

Write to:
Senators and Congressmen. Show support for work in child labor and let them know child labor still exists in US agricultural fields with migrant children.

Write to:
Companies that buy products produced by child labor. Ask what they are doing to solve the problem. Suggest setting up schools or educational programs to help these children. Let them know you will not buy their products until something is done.

Write to:
International lending institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, whose policies negatively affect children.
Ask them to support educational and health programs for children and to protect working conditions for adult workers, so that children can go to school.
Support international assistance programs that strengthen education in poor countries and that combat AIDS.
Give aid to support the building and equipping of schools.

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Community Action

Raise awareness of the problem of child labor and the need to do something now to get all children educated.

Support labor union initiatives to get children out of the workplace and give adults a living wage.


International Labor Rights Fund
Solidarity Center

Support the rehabilitation of former child slaves and bonded laborers.

Global March for Education

Lobby your school to teach kids about child labor


Scholastic News on Child Labor

Support struggling schools around the world.

Communicate with your government about what it should be doing to help eliminate child labor and support universal education and a living wage for all working adults.

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Government Action

There are many things...

Support full implementation of ILO Convention 182, "Ending the Worst Forms of Child Labor," by ratifying countries.

Enforce existing laws against child labor, bonded labor and child slavery.

Ban importation of products produced with child labor.

Prosecute child trafficking networks.

Expand the Fair Labor Standards Act to cover migrant children in US agriculture.

Legislate against abuse of middlemen and contractors by transnational companies (using them as the scapegoats for abusive labor practice).

Help set up meaningful inspections in businesses and agricultural where child labor is suspected.

Require tobacco, coffee, cocoa and tea companies to support education programs for their workers' childen and pay a living wage to the adult workers.

Reorder government spending programs to prioritize education.

Follow through on promised aid to developing nations.

Support labor union drives to eliminate child labor.

Embrace and support a global Marshall Plan for the plight of children.

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International Action

There are many things you can do to help...

Raise the status of women.

Recalibrate programs of the World Bank to emphasize sustainable economic development and domestic social programs (schools, healthcare, etc.).

Cancel long-running debts with the World Bank and IMF.

Create access to water in developing nations.

Support schools in developing nations.

Support school lunch programs.

Create school subsidies for parents to cover children's lost wages, so that they can go to school (as in the Bolsa Escola program in Brazil).

Support roadbuilding so children can get to school.

Support and educate AIDS orphans.

Support global child health care initiatives.

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February 26, 2005

How to Donate

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to help with the distribution of Stolen Childhoods, please send a check made payable to our fiscal agent, THE INTERNATIONAL LABOR RIGHTS FUND, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.
Checks should be sent to:

Bama Athreya
The International Labor Rights Fund
733 15th Street, N.W.
Suite 920
Washington, D.C. 20005
Please memo your check "Stolen Childhoods".

Credit card donations are also accepted through the ILRF. Please call Trina Tocco at 202/347-4100 or e-mail her at trina.tocco@ilrf.org

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